About the host – Michael Bayliss


Michael Bayliss has been an activist for the past decade within the environmental and post-growth movements. He is the Communications Manager and former Victoria/Tasmanian President at Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). The focus of his work involves advocacy regarding choice for small families and for working cooperatively with our global neighbours to create equitable societies that do not rely on perpetual growth.

Examples of his written work can be found at Independent Australia, where we was awarded the most read article of 2018. He has produced videos detailing the impacts of endless growth in Australia and has been interviewed extensively in the media, e.g. ABC News24, Jon Faine Conversation Hour, SBS radio.

You may also be interested in his video for World Environment Day,   interviewing comedian Rod Quantock  and introducing the new documentary film  ‘8 Billion Angels’

Previously, he has coordinated various grassroots community groups in Melbourne such as Doing It Ourselves and Gnomes Urban Gardening Network. He is a participant in the international Post Growth Alliance, run by the Post Growth Institute. He co-founded Population Permaculture and Planning (PPP) in 2015 as a means to communicate the critical role that town planning plays in the move towards future sustainable communities. PPP has since delivered workshops to activists and environmentalists across Australia. This year he will be helping to launch the Town Planning Rebellion movement.

Michael takes his policies into his home life, where he lives in an intentional shared-living community based on the Retrosuburbia principles, where he looks after a lush permaculture garden. He writes songs around environmental and climate change grief with his band Shock Octopus.

More about our guest Martin Tye

Martin Tye is the second guest on the first episode of Post-Growth Australia Podcast (PGAP)

He is the director for the Australian Regional Communities Chapter of CASSE  (link here)

He also maintains a very influential presence and following on Twitter.

He may also be found on Facebook.

From CASSE profile:

“Martin is many things: a keen surfer, bushwalker, small business owner, three-time political candidate, family man, traveler, and nature and music lover. He holds a B.S. in applied geography. In his spare time he studies ecological economics and history. Most of all, Martin is passionate about improving the quality of life for current and future generations and restoring wildlife. Martin is an active community member, keen to promote the steady state economy to those living in Australia’s rural districts”

More about our guest Jonathan Miller


Our first ever interviewee for the Post-Growth Podcast,  Jonathan Miller, is direct of Steady State ACT

It is the site for the ACT chapter of the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE)

This is a culmination of many years working in the environmental sector and in Jonathan’s activism, of which a significant focus for Jonathan has been vocal around limits to growth.

As can be seen from the photo,  Jonathan is an avid nature lover and hiker.  He has been incredibly helpful to the podcast host Michael in terms of recommending bush-walks around the ACT and Alpine regions of Australia.

If you would like to find out more about Jonathan’s work or to contact,  details can be found on the Steady State ACT website.

Jonathan also bared his soul (and his choice not to have children)  in a Sustainable Population Australia’s short film Talking Heads:  Choosing To Have Children…or not.   SPA undertook a project to find out why people decide to have small or child free families for their ‘Stop at 2’  campaigns,  and Jonathan was one of six filmed interviewees.


First Episode of Post Growth Australia Podcast (PGAP)

What is the steady state economy why is it better than the growth economy we already have?

For the first episode of Post-Growth Australia Podcast,  host Michael Bayliss is joined by Jonathan Miller  (steady state ACT) and Martin Tye (CASSE) who explain why the steady state economy is every bit as interesting and dynamic as what we have now,  just MUCH better for the future of the planet.

Michael also plays the audio excerpt from the popular short animation ‘The Endless Growth Paradigm’  and a hot new single  from a hot new environmental music project –  ‘The End Of History’  as performed by ‘Counting Backwards’

To find out more about Steady State ACT visit their website here

To find out more about The Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE), visit here. You can also sign the petition that Martin discusses in his interview here .

In this episode, I played the audio excerpt from the short animation ‘The Endless Growth Paradigm.‘ By clicking on the hyperlink you can see the video in full, even if you don’t agree with all of the message I think we can all agree that this is some stunning art work.

We played ‘The End Of History’ was the first ever single release performed by ‘Counting Backwards.’ The group is a Melbourne based project that focus on environmental and existential themed. The song was released to raise funds for Extinction Rebellion. It would be lovely to visit and support this project further on their Bandcamp page – we will need local music in the new post-growth society so in the meantime our local musicians need all the support they can get!