Six members of the public tell us why they decided to choose child free or small families

In 2019, Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) undertook a project to find out why people decide to have small or child free families. We interviewed people from all around Australia with diverse backgrounds, ages, occupations and countries of birth. What united them all was their love of the natural environment and a sense of responsibility to the planet when deciding on whether or not to have children.

This video is part of SPA’s Stop At 2 Campaign. We are encouraging a more open discussing around normalising choice around small or child free families. We are supporting a global movement that empowers people worldwide to be empowered and make informed decisions around family planning.

Child free and proud

Jude Perl Interviews The Baronesses

In the first episode of series 2 of Tough Crowd, comedian and musician Jude Perl meets 3 of the Melbourne Baronesses. The Baronesses are a group of empowered women who have reclaimed the term ‘Barren’ to celebrate their choice to be child free.

It’s About The Numbers, Stupid!

Former NSW Premier Bob Car, famously stated in 2000 that Sydney was full.

Almost 20 years later, Sydney has grown by another million people. Since then, Bob Carr has served as federal foreign minister where he advocated for a global approach to overpopulation. He accepted the offer from Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) to be Patron. Recently, Bob was a panelist on a special episode on ‘QandA’ discussing population policy.

Recently, Bob was a panelist on a special episode on ‘QandA’ discussing population policy.

Will our cities never stop growing?

These days, city living feels much more difficult than it used to be. It seems everyone has a ‘town planning’ issue or gripe. What’s yours?

This animation explores why we need to break from a system of endless economic and population growth. Otherwise, our neighbourhoods will never be dense enough, our cities will never stop sprawling and we will never catch up with the infrastructure backlog. We think it is high time to do something about it.