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Child free and proud

Jude Perl Interviews The Baronesses

In the first episode of series 2 of Tough Crowd, comedian and musician Jude Perl meets 3 of the Melbourne Baronesses. The Baronesses are a group of empowered women who have reclaimed the term ‘Barren’ to celebrate their choice to be child free.

It’s About The Numbers, Stupid!

Former NSW Premier Bob Car, famously stated in 2000 that Sydney was full.

Almost 20 years later, Sydney has grown by another million people. Since then, Bob Carr has served as federal foreign minister where he advocated for a global approach to overpopulation. He accepted the offer from Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) to be Patron. Recently, Bob was a panelist on a special episode on ‘QandA’ discussing population policy.

Recently, Bob was a panelist on a special episode on ‘QandA’ discussing population policy.

Will our cities never stop growing?

These days, city living feels much more difficult than it used to be. It seems everyone has a ‘town planning’ issue or gripe. What’s yours?

This animation explores why we need to break from a system of endless economic and population growth. Otherwise, our neighbourhoods will never be dense enough, our cities will never stop sprawling and we will never catch up with the infrastructure backlog. We think it is high time to do something about it.

PopCulture – a compilation of challenges.

Traffic congestion (on our roads and trains)…Housing affordability (or lack thereof)…Youth unemployment….overstretched services such as schools and health care…just SOME of the impacts of population policy as dictated by big business and the growth lobbies. This is why we need an educated, aware and vocal PopCulture movement!

Please share this video, start the conversations, or join a movement such as Sustainable Population Australia that advocates for a sustainable and stable post growth society.

Tough Crowd – Rod Quantock and Jude Perl

SPA presents the first episode of ‘Tough Crowd’, a series of interviews between loved comedian Rod Quantock with other comedians, entertainers, environmentalists, politicians etc, on the challenges of talking about population in wider society.

Jude Perl (comedian and musician) talks about her decision not to have children and some of the difficult conversations she has had with her friends and family. This include a special live performance of her song ‘Let’s Hang Out’.


Traffic congestion just keeps getting worse in our capital cities.  Imagine how bad it will be if Melbourne and Sydney’s populations double to 8 million by 2050.  It has been predicted that the Victorian government will have to spend so much on road infrastructure over the next 20 years there will be very little money left over for anything else (such as schools, hospitals and other essential services). Many of us are trying to avoid the clogged freeways by taking public transport, but the trains are also getting clogged up. 

Whilst politicians and experts tell us that the solutions involve costly tollways, expensive tunnels, and freeway extensions that decimate our suburbs, parks and tress, perhaps there is a better solution.  What if our cities were to stop growing? This would relieve us of the necessity to build ever more roads and train lines.

Politicians tell us that growth is good, and that skilled, non refugee migration is essential for our economy. But they never consider the true costs of growth. For example, Australia may need to spend $1.5 trillion dollars over the next 40 years on infrastructure alone!

A better and more cost effective solution would be to put pressure on our leaders to adopt stable population policies to relive our roads (and ourselves) of even more congestion and stress.