Ever rising classroom sizes – unpacked!

Australia’s education system is struggling to keep up with the rate of our population growth. We are expecting 650 000 more students by 2026.

An additional 750 new schools will need to be built in under a decade. This will cost us up to another $11 billion on top of the $41 billion we already spend on the education system.

Australia is facing similar crises with our hospitals and other essential public services because we cannot keep up with population growth. Australia has one of the fastest grow rates in the OECD.

We are growing by the size of a new Canberra each year.

Given falling academic results in Australian schools in recent years, it would be better to put government money towards a quality education program. However population growth forces governments to spend a greater proportion of funds on concrete and mortar to build more schools for ever more people. Falling grades, long wait lists, and large, high rise schools with poor amenities are some of the consequences if government budgets cannot keep up with infrastructure demands.

It is important that we put pressure on our governments to lower population targets for the sake of the education of our children and future generations.


Join or donate to Sustainable Population Australia (www.population.org.au/donation)

Talk to your family and friends about the impacts of population growth and the role that the high level of immigration has on population growth

Email, write or meet personally with your local politician requesting that immigration level be reduced to 70,000 per year.

Lobby the government to increase foreign aid for family planning programs.

Support international family planning programs (e..g. as a carbon offset mechanism when you fly).

Vote for a political party with a policy to reduce immigration.